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Our new and exciting DecoLine brand was launched by Tile & Floor Care in 2018 when we realised a need from the DIY enthusiast and interior designers for a good looking and easy-to-install and waterproof skirting. Manufactured from a state of the art polymer material, the skirting range was the first to be introduced to the brand and since then, the brand has just flourished with the introduction of aluminium skirtings and decorative profiles too....

We also introduced our contractor's range of PVC trims, bath seals and aluminium profiles to the DecoLine brand giving the consumer the choice between the Rolls Royce & elite Genesis profiles and now also the value-for-money PVC and aluminium tiling edge trims.


2020 also saw the introduction of our new decorative range to the brand. A range of luxurious tiling profiles to add glitz, glamour and a premium finish to your installation. These include our lux electro-plated grade 304 square stainless steel profiles in very trendy and highly fashionable colours i.e. brushed & polished rose gold, brushed and polished black square edge trims and the timeless polished square & straight edges. The diamantè listellos available in plated gold, rose gold, silver and black is a decorative profile designed to create a feature in any wall tile installation - never has stainless steel look this good!

These stainless steel profiles should be chosen where high levels of hygiene are sought such as food processing industries, breweries, diaries and hospitals. They offer superb resistance to principal chemical and atmospheric agents and are particularly recommended to protect steps in zones such as food processing industries & hospitals and can be installed both internally and externally as grade 304 offers excellent corrosion resistance. It's smooth and non-porous surface makes it especially difficult for the adhesion and survival of bacteria and/or other micro-organisms.

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