About the Vidrepur Brand

Glass mosaic …..versatile, durable and a product of great creative strength.

Tradition and art blend through nearly 30 years of VIDREPUR mosaics, a leader in production and distribution of glass mosaic. Expertise, avant-garde designs and innovation allow this Spanish manufacturer to offer collections which enable you to decorate your home with your own personality.

VIDREPUR glass mosaic is the perfect solution for those spaces that in addition to specific technical properties also require modern and appealing visual effect.

Tile & Floor Care, the official distributors of Vidrepur, can now offer the South African market glass mosaic that is 100 % made in Spain.  Since its foundation in 1988 this manufacturer has been driven by a genuine care for the environment as its products are made from 99% recycled glass. With the manufacturing and distribution of its mosaic, VIDREPUR contributes to a significant reduction of the impact the construction industry has on the environment.

It also sets trends by offering innovative textures and colors in mosaics of the highest quality.

VIDREPUR mosaic has a wide range of applications in interior decoration such as kitchens bathrooms, showers, spa’s and wellness areas.

It also finds wide use in swimming pools.  Vidrepur’s collections designed especially for this use are perfect for both domestic pools and for decorating fun and aquatic spaces in hotels, resorts, apartments, etc.

Vidrepur have anti-slip mosaics specially for wet-loaded barefoot areas, surrounding pool areas, showers, saunas, stairs, ramps and children pools certified to comply with applicable safety standards.

Another remarkable product available is FIREGLASS.  It is a mosaic that has the capacity to glow in the dark after exposure to a light source creating unique visual and artistic effects. Under common light, this mosaic shows a complete standard look.