Mosaic tiles are a popular flooring and walling solution in modern homes as it allows home owners to get creative and unique with designs and detailing. Generally made out of glass, porcelain or marble, mosaic tiles require attention to detail when it comes to cleaning as they trap more dirt due to their uneven surfaces.

Because of the great deal of grime that they hold, mosaic tile cleaning often needs to be done more regularly. This includes frequent vacuuming and using the right mosaic tile cleaning materials. Should the tiles not receive this type of attention, often the colour and texture tend to become dull. Various elements tend to weaken the tiles and their integrity: UV rays, mould, mildew, water, moist etc. Ensuring that they are protected will create a more hygienic environment and maintain their appearance.

As part of mosaic tile cleaning, Mosaic Sealer ensures that the tiles are penetrated with a repellant sealer that will in no way affect the natural look of the tile. Our Mosaic Sealer is simple to use as it requires no more than a quick spray to the surface and a wipe down to remove any excess product. To apply the sealer, no tools are required, making it an even easier and painless application.

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During the mosaic tile cleaning process, it is important to use a sealer that will ensure protection from within the tiles. This allows for mosaic tiles to remain in great condition regardless of their positioning (bathroom, kitchen etc) as it prevents moisture from entering. Mosaic Sealer is ideal to use both indoors as well as outdoors as it is a UV stable sealer.

The type of mosaic stone will depend on the amount of Mosaic Sealer that needs to be applied. A sandstone tile that is very porous will require more coats than a low porous mosaic tile (Travertine)

Mosiac tiles not only look good and add a bit of unique flavor into a space, they are also very versatile as they can be used all over the home, both inside and outside. Looking after them and ensuring that they receive the treatment they require, will ensure that they continue looking as fun as they always have.