The purpose of stripping a floor is to remove previous sealer / polish or glue (bitumen) from the floor in order to restore it to its original state, or as close to it as possible. Most commonly, this is done in order to reseal the tiles. It is better to strip a small area at a time since it is very important that the stripper doesnot dry on the floor. An area of 1 – 2m² per time is recommended. Once that area has been stripped, rinse with clean fresh water and move to the next area of the floor, where the floor is absolutely dry.

Task Product Dilution Coverage per Litre
Stripping off old sealer Sealer Stripper Neat 5 to 10m² per Litre
Stripping off old wax polishes Polish Stripper
Neat for quick-stripping very old wax & polish 4 to 1 with hot water for regular or annual stripping 
10m² per Litre
50 m² per Litre
Stripping off bitumen & glue Glue Remover Neat 5 to 10m² per Liter


    1. Ask off any areas that could be harmed by the stripped i.e. metal sliding door tracks, etc.
    2. Ensure that the area is well ventilated.
    3. Apply a liberal coat of stripper to a workable area. A workable area means that you will have enough time to scrub the area before the stripper dries out. It is best to pour the stripper onto the floor, and then spread it using a scrubbing pad.
    4. Allow three to five minutes for the stripper to work before scrubbing. Do not disturb during this period. DO NOT allow the stripper to dry out. The longer you can wait for the stripper to work without drying out, the better.
    5. Begin scrubbing and add water. The mixture should turn into a milky colour whilst you are scrubbing. Do not allow water onto the areas that still need to be stripped.
    6. Mop up and rinse with fresh clean water. The aim is to lift the solution off the floor. Try not washing the solution across the floor. A wet pick up vacuum will assist greatly and provide a clear finish. Now repeat on areas still to be stripped.
    7. After stripping the floor wash the whole area with a solution of Easy Clean diluted with water.
    8. Rinse well with fresh clean water.
    9. Allow the floor to dry and inspect. The floor should be uniform in colour with no white residues.
    10. Using a damp cloth, wipe the floor and check for uniformity. There should be no light or dark patches as this will indicate areas that are not completely stripped. Marks of this nature will show up should you seal with a penetrating sealer. Should there be marks; the process must be repeated until an even finish is achieved.


      1. Solvent based strippers are flammable and all strippers have a strong odor; therefore ventilate well and do not allow open flames near the area to be stripped.
      2. Wear protective clothing & gloves at all times when handling strippers.

Tools Required:

Appropriate Tile and Floor Care Stripper;
Tile and Floor Care Scrubbing Pads;
Masking Tape, water, Cloths / Rags for mopping up
Buckets; Protective gloves & clothing.


After inspecting the floor as instructed above, you may reseal with appropriate sealer.

For advise on sealing, phone Tile and Floor Care on 0800 00 6173
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