About TFC

Our management and sales force have many years experience in the retail supply and customer support field.

Tile & Floor Care are the sole distributors of Genesis, Vidrepur and Litokol products in South Africa.

Goals and Objectives

Tile & Floor Care’s ultimate goal:

To remain the leader in floor care technology.

Tile & Floor Care’s objectives:

  • Build on the strength of our existing market positions.
  • Continuous focus to improve existing customer relations.
  • Build new customer relationships.
  • Focus on delivering superior value to customers.
  • Continuous focus on product development and improvement.
  • We will differentiate our market offering by not compromising on quality and to satisfy customer needs.

Mission Statement

Tile & Floor Care is the leader in floor care technology and our mission is to remain the leader in the market.

We will continue on delivering superior customer value by providing customers with a variety of great quality products.

We will continue with the development of new products and improving current product formulations as well as our marketing (pos) material.

We will deliver good, fast and efficient customer support and service.

We will continue to empower consumers to achieve the floor of their dreams, making it as simple as possible to apply and to maintain.

We will continue with research – to find new and improved solutions for new challenges arising.

Customer Services

We focus on providing a service to the industry by supplying;

  • A globally recognised branded product.
  • Sales and delivery service.
  • Product training.
  • Product information that enables the merchant to give the best possible product advice.
  • POS Material – brochures, colour pamphlets and samples are available.
  • User-friendly website.
  • Sealer Selection Wizard which selects the right products for the job.
  • Customer support.
  • Site visits if and when required by the store.
  • Toll free help line available for enquiries.

Tile & Floor Care’s motto is;


Service Centre Network

  • Successful sales formula.
  • Excellent logistics.
  • Good geographic coverage.
  • Fast, efficient service.
  • Well-trained and motivated staff.
  • Focus on retail market.
  • Sell through, POS and merchandising.

Core Values

  1. Customer centricity – putting YOU, our customer first and at the centre of all operations.

  2. High performance – consistently meeting or exceeding expectations.

  3. Quality – We strive to follow a high standard of excellence and maintain high-quality standards on all products.

  4. Teamwork – We dedicate and combine our skills, knowledge and experience for your benefit.

  5. Integrity – reliability and honesty.

Product Training

Selling product alone is not acceptable.

Our sales force is well trained in the specifications and applications of our product.

They have experience in the tile industry and understand the relationship between the various substrates they deal with and our products.

We take pride in sharing our knowledge & experience with the various retail stores and their sales teams on the floor so that they can achieve good levels of stock turnover in order to remain profitable.

We offer trainings to the stores on a regular basis.

By helping you, our customer, we in return help the consumer.

Health, Safety, Environment

  • Tile & Floor Care products are EU compliant and the safest to use.
  • TFC is UK COSHH complaint.
  • TFC also complies with the USA EPA and TSC regulations.
  • Safety in our operations.
  • Health for employees, customers and consumers.
  • Respect for the environment.

Distribution Network

TFC has a national distribution network with branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and stock holding agencies in Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London & Namibia.

Each branch and agency carries stock, which allows the company to provide customers with quick and effective service.

This enables the store to carry a reasonable range of product without driving their stock holding up.

TFC also export products to Europe and USA..

Product Line

Tile & Floor Care’s product line includes a wide range of cleaners for laminates, ceramic, natural clay, porcelain, cement, sandstone, limestone, slate, granite, marble, travertine, quartzite, grouts and all types of natural stone.

An extensive selection of sealers for any application, be it commercial or domestic, interior or exterior as well as polishes, decorative finishes and strippers specifically formulated for the removal of bitumen, glue, polish, wax, sealer and oils.

In all the above products TFC supply the highest grade of chemicals available, so much so that TFC products are EU / COSHH / EPA & TCS compliant and are the safest to use and for the environment.









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